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  • Greetings one and all.

    This post is for mainly SLG, but please feel free to debate/chime in/whatever.

    Been testing and getting ready for 5.6 this week and found something that has made me, as a player, sad.

    One fo the new changes it that the tables now force players to use the needed materials for the room.

    One of the things I love to do is when I am able to make new building materials is update my house. Now, unless for some odd reasons I want to put logs in my brick house I can not have certain tables. But, in the real world, no one had to 'have' Logs in a building's material to make it work. As a Game Programmer myself, I understand the need for 'tiers' to make the players to use new items to get better stuff.

    So how to fix this?

    I understand the need for having X Materials to have a crafting tables so all I am really asking for is a very simple fix. Just give the materials a variable let's call it Material Rank(or MR) and have like Logs be 1, Lumber 2, Mortar 3 Brick 4 etc. Now.. when it checks the room, it will count each MR, and see if same or better than needed. Let's say we want an Oven in our house. You need 32 Mortar, so the room should check if the player has 32 items with MR 3 or better. Each room is already checking each material, list it and how many are in there, so a simple logic formula would be easy to add. If there are 100 logs, the room's RM is 1 if there are 50 logs, 50 bricks then the room has 50 rank 1 and 50 rank 3. The room would allow anything need rank 3 or lower that need 50 or more of that materials. If you had 100 logs and 30 bricks and 2 polished steel, and an Oven(needs 32 rank 3 or better) the room would see 30 rank 4 and 2 rank 6 and allow the Oven to work in that room.


  • WHAT !?!?!?! Eco doesn't test this in 5.5.4? LOL, I've gone to some lengths to satisfy these requirements and still make nice work rooms. Had no idea it wasn't being enforced :) Funny!

  • It as always been this way as long as I can remember. I know there are still people out there that say this is not true. but everyone here can quickly load up a server and give themselves enough bricks to build a 5X5X5 room and place down a carpentry table and see it will work with an all brick room.

    Me as a player and thinking like a true designer, I would think SLG would want us to upgrade our houses/crafting place. Which is why I want it to be like it was before, where the crafting tables need X Material or BETTER to use that table.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Master-Who so in 5.6 they changed it, you can't use better, so if a carpentry table requires wood you can only use it if the room has the required wood, even if you have a better material say brick it wont work?

  • that is right. Lady Elf made a nice bigger updated place for herself and none of her tables worked. Where it says it needed X Log had a red x on it.

  • really bummed me out. I had to put materials that didn't match my style in my nice new building.

  • According to Meta - they are getting the fix in for the tables so that when the stable release comes tomorrow it will be fixed.

    Don't worry they do know about it and that it pretty much stops the game so they are working to fix it!

  • Pam, I saw they were fixing the crafting table freezing bug but have yet to hear about changing back to better materials ways of pre-5.6.
    Unless you heard otherwise, I am still worried, otherwise, hurray!

  • Sorry MW, have not heard

  • Just say on Github they are doing this! :D

    Dunno if they read this or not, but thank you!!!

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