Frozen crafting timers

  • In latest stage, 5.6 #a88e41f2
    For some odd reasons timers seem to freeze while players are online. Seems if one table is frozen in a room(s) then all of them all.

    Still testing it out to get more info!

  • ok, I have found that if there is more than one crafting table in the room if you try to make the tables do projects, it will cause the frozen timers. I am guessing the projects are vying to be first and making the other tables not work until they are done. if the first table is missing something it will cause them all to freeze, even if you collect what is needed.

    Hope this helps, Thanks to True2Form for posting this. I tested it out and it seems to be repeatable.

  • Is this the same bug as the one that seems to affect ALL crafting tables across the whole server? Is there any way we can avoid it?

  • Kinda.. different bug...

    My server has to reboot about 3-4 times a day cuz of this..

  • just got reports of this one on my server today as well and we are running 5.6.1

    kinda sucks when you have these 2hr+ projects going...

  • Only fix,as of now, is reboot server.

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