add a server

  • when i start the game and try to add my server (a rented server from Multiplay that is online) the game just says my server is OFFLINE. any ideas? support at Multiplay said my server is up and running

  • Hi, du musst deine Server Ports freigeben.

    Hi, sorry for my bad english. You must release your server ports. Than you see your server online.

  • It sounds like the ports for your server are not set correctly. Make sure that your configuration file is set up correctly (this should have been done bu your host). If you are unsure of what information to put in that configuration file your host should be able to help you. If you still can't connect to your server your host should be able to help you with this issue.

  • I have to add
    Not :3000 to my list
    Make sure you're using the web server port and not the game server port...
    as much sense as that makes...

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