Can you split land plots into separate deeds?

  • Currently I can make separate plots that are not connected. Is there any way to get a new deed for the new land? I'm trying to find a way I can manage public and private areas of my property.

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  • I'm still new, so there might be a better way. Put all your deeds into storage. Now go claim a plot. That should create a new deed. Then you can open the new deed and go stand on the plots that you want to pull off the old deed. The deed has a button called 'attach current plot'. Use that on the plots you want to move. I hope this helps!

  • If your deed is on you all the plots you claim will be registered to that deed. If you want to register plats on a different deed, you will need to put the deed you are currently using somewhere where it is not in your inventory or (in 5.6 linked to your inventory) and them put down claim flags - this will generate a new deed. Plots can be unclaimed using the deed(s) or transferred to other people. Be careful where you store your deeds though if you do not keep them on you because if someone else gets them they then have control of the plots claimed on that deed.

    If you cannot find a deed to unclaim or transfer the deed you will need an admin to use the /unclaim command to remove ownership of a plot

  • Awesome, thank you guys. That works.

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