E-mail Validation

  • I just created an account on the official ECO website and on ECO Forum too. I got an e-mail validation for the forum account but not for the website which means that I won't be able to connect in the game when I buy it?

    I'm looking forward to buy it on a few days and I don't want to have problems with this.

    Thank you.

  • I am not sure that you get an email validation from the website - I never did. As long as you can log in with your account to the website you should have no trouble buying your game there. When you buy the game, after you pay the download is available on your account page on the web site - you do not have to get an email with a key it it or that sort fo thing. Once the payment goes through you can refresh your login page and the download will be available there.

  • Alright , I hope you'll be right! Thanks for responding , have a nice day.

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