Is there a 'catch-up' option on the server?

  • Does there already exist a startup option on the server to: a) look at the time at startup, and b) look at the time that it shut down, then c) process all the ticks, skills, etc of the duration between? That would allow a server to be shut down overnight, but not lose the 'elapsed time' of when it was down. This wouldn't be useful for dedicated 24/7 servers, I think, but it would be nice for local and private servers (like classrooms).

    Just a thought.

  • I've found that admins can fast forward from the world layers screen (though this tends to crash my rig) or you can change tick interval in the config file (more hassle).

    These just seem to affect growth, skills, calories and pollution. No effect on research/crafting time, still looking for a way to adjust that.

  • Yes.. in the console go to Storage in the top menu and choose "Flush to Disk" or "Save all and Flush to DIsk". This should bring everything that was don't up to this point and save it. You can then do a shutdown or a backup and have all your data up to the tick where you executed that flush. I believe there is a command that can be passed via scriipt/telnet if you need to do this outside of the server such as a shutdown script.

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