2x2 or 3x2 doorways for shops?

  • It would be nice to be able to wheel the cart up to the machine that needs its contents. Currently I dump the cart into a chest outside the room, reach through a window to pull the contents of the chest into another inside the room, then finally into the machine.

    Being able to use the cart inside the shop would also encourage more spacious shop designs.

  • You can put down double doors already. In 5.6 you can share your cart in. With the tables when the cart is near it as well.

  • in 5.5.4 i put the chest in the window area so i can transfer in 5.6 this wont be an issue, but keeps you from having to use 2 chests in 5.5.4.... also the double doors works well but sometimes after you get the cart in you need to close one door for the table to start producing or it may see a 2x2 when you close a door it sees a 1x2

  • Oh that does work, awesome! I had been doing 2x2 openings without actual doors in place, so it was saying the room wasn't complete. I had read somewhere about the linked inventories thing. That will be a nice time saver as well. Thanks!!

  • Starting with 5.5 we have used 1X2 doors on our industry buildings and bars to allow manual carts inside and 2X2 door opening to allow motor carts inside. You can put double doors on the 2X2 doors and use 4 doors on the 2X4 with a little finagling. I would like to see a 'garage' door though for 2X4 doors.

    I am not sure why you are getting told by room status that a 1x2 door opening without a door is not complete. It works just fine in 5.5.4 that way. Now on a 2X2 opening it will say that unless you put doors in

    edited numbers were wrong

  • Well, I just tested my 5.5.4 world. The carpentry table, farmers table, tailoring table and kiln all rejected a 2x2 opening in their rooms. The butcher table didn't seem to care. I didn't test the others as they are currently active. Maybe the material around the opening matters. I don't know what else might be different between our setups. Mine is vanilla, no mods. Is yours? My world does not seem to have a double door (a 2x2 door) The only door I see is the 1x2 wooden one at the carpentry table. I'm a little puzzled.

    Oh and just to be unambiguous when I say 2x2, I mean two blocks by two blocks.

  • What I and I think others are saying, is, make two doors and place them down side-by-side.

  • make two doors and place them down side-by-side.

    Yes. I'm not puzzled any more now that @rentechd updated the numbers on her post. Thanks all :)

    I second that request for a large size garage door, or even a sliding barn/stable - style door.

  • I actually don't even understand the logic behind requiring a completed building to use the tables in the first place. I could see maybe requiring a roof over a table, or a partial structure to protect it from the elements (not that it ever rains in Eco, which perhaps it will someday). Eco is a great game, but some of the decisions the devs have made are rather baffling...

  • Well, it is supposed to be close to real life but also to get you to do certainly tings in the world towards progression. Instead of you just plopping tables and machines down anywhere they want you to have a reason to build buildings. And in real life people do usually build buildings - not just plop stuff outside with only a roof. And in real life those buildings they build have to meet some requirements.

  • @rentechd yes and no, I have a carpentry table outside under a gazebo, it makes it much easier for working on large projects. In fact i almost always do that type of work outside, using the carpentry table or saw horses..... could be interesting to have an outdoor wood working area especially for creating lumber..... since many lumber yards have outdoor mills just covered.


  • @toxxikz Thing is, tables are just easy representation of whole building dedicated to certain fields. Still, it would be nice to have very simple carpentry table that you can set up in forest and break logs to put them in the inventory.

  • @Milokot i understand the concept, but IRL most lumber yards are outdoors...hence the having the name YARD.

  • @toxxikz But lumberyards are just for storage - logs are turned into lumber in sawmill, or using whipsaw. And now I think we need methods of transporting logs rather than mobile lumber mills.

  • @Milokot did you not check out the picture in the link i had, that's a sawmill, its not in an enclosed building, most aren't

  • @toxxikz There are even "portable sawmills", that don't need any enclosure - "mechanical, one person, pitless whipsaw" is probably more accurate name for these. Still, all this is high tech for lumbering, and proper enclosure really help with collecting secondary wood products, like sawdust. And roof alone is not enough to keep the area dry.

    I still hope for the mod / late game tech that will allow us bypass walking to and from the forest.

  • that will allow us bypass walking to and from the forest.

    You need an automated bean/fern/huckleberry and wood harvester and a conveyor belt all the way back to base.

  • Automating whole process is another thing. I just want quicker way to collect wood than shovel-dirt catapult :P

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