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  • Hey guys,

    so I kind of dont know what to do at the moment..2 days ago I sent a support ticket on this website (I didnt use the direct mail link), but when I clicked on "send" I didnt get redirected and my ticket was still written there as it was before. I might have missed any kind of confirmation, but right now I don`t exactly know what to do. I really dont want to bother the support guys by writing another ticket and by using the direct mail this time, but I also dont know how long I should wait for a response until trying again..I would wait forever in case it didnt get send lol.
    I guess my question long does it usually take for a ticket to get a response? Should I wait? :S

    Thanks in advance

  • Howdy! This is not automated with a reply. But you can pm me with your mail and i can have a check what happent to your mail

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