Assault/Robbery and localized laws

  • I think it would be great if you added some sort of way to be able to assault/rob players in the game and have the community make laws against it. I personally wouldn't be a robber but I play a lot of survival game and having that criminal element is really immersive, Another idea I had is the concept of localized laws as different communities have different ideas on what's best for them and their own communities so maybe you can have local, city, country and global laws. You might even tie it into the land ownership system. Those are my thoughts feed back is greatly appreciated.

  • the robbery aspect is technically there if the doors/chests are left unlocked (Have actually seen this happen where a guy had his deed robbed but was left named as the land owner and was left with just a shell of his home) but i would like the ability to arrest or otherwise legally pursue the "griefer", so far the only plan we have for these people on the server i play is to claim the land around the badguys house and put tailings down rendering his land uninhabitable, but this puts the whole eco system at risk

  • The game is actually not designed around Robbing, murdering and fighting - cases have happend, as stated above / by player error and a nasty person abusing it.

  • @Dandelion when this happened how did the other player get a hold of the deed?

  • I don't think they intend for the game to be played with that kind of PVP aspect

  • This game won't have PVP aspects and things like violent aspects like attacking people, armed robbery etc. Remember its a game for education and schools. There will not be aspects of the game like player killing, or violence towards other players, etc, like rust and other games. There is no player death, so no need to worry about that and no player damage at this time (perhaps you might break a leg eventually jumping off a cliff but no player induced damage) There are the abilities to lock chests, stockpiles, doors, tables etc to keep light fingered people from 'borrowing' stuff that does not belong to them and so security is on the shoulders of the owner of the chest, stockpile etc, to make sure they have a deed down, ownership claimed and tings locked down.

    That said there is the 'no game' related robbery you get from people hacking and trolling a server. But those are things that a server admin can deal with to remove the offending player. As admin tools get better there will be more ways for your SA to discover the problem maker and remove them.

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