Possible Keys For Doors?

  • could we possibly have keys for doors? say someone wanted to build a multi story apartments, have it so each room has a key and the key could be "rented" for so many days? then you know they would either have to pay rent or move on kind of thing? that way it saves adding people to deeds all the time and people get a good place to start ?

  • Having keys would actually be really cool, can maybe add a locksmith tree to smithing as well for it.

  • Deeds give you more control, if you want to revert access you cant do that with a key, so we'll probably stick with those, but I do like the idea of renting out buildings, that could be really cool.

  • thats true but if you had a locksmithing skill then you could change the lock rendering the key useless?

  • I don't think he means get rid of deeds - you will still need deeds but keys would give you more finite access then deeds do. All a deed does is either allow people total access to a area covered by a deed or not. So if you allow bob on your deed to the land your house is on then he has access to everything in your house, chests, stockpiles, tables, benches, machines etc. even if they are set to lock

    With a key that just accesses a door door you can just grant that person entry into the door (ie the house) and keep all or most of your chests locked and they have access but its limited. The keys could also allow access to just certain rooms in the house or base that could belong to certain people. Now you could do something the same way with butting down a deed for each room, etc but its not as realistic as keys and a bigger management hassle, and again once a deed gives access it gives total access and there are times that you don't want to do that. SO keys would add to and accentuate the security system of the game and give it more finite control

  • I'd like the idea of keys too, so long as you dont get rid of deeds

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