Two bugs \ 1 video to show it

  • OS/Web Browser? Windows 8

    Detailed Description of Issue: Just this video

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? Easy

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: Just copied what i did in the videos.

    Client Version? [Alpha 5.5.4

  • Well I assume, as you don't say (which would help) you are talking about the cart? Yes they do act like that when not put on a road of flat surface or you dig under them - they certainly are not perfect yet . They were much better in 5.5.4 and more work has been done on them I believe for 5.6 but that is a known issue.

    It helps to put the cart of a flat surface - preferably a piece of road and not wack it with the shovel, just dump the load into it. The main problem you are having with it is you have the cart right where you are digging and digging under it - remember that it takes up 2 voxels, that includes the handles so digging under the handles will cause it to fall over into the hole you just dug. Try putting it couple of blocks away from where you are digging.

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