Contracts and Labor Market

  • Hey all, wanted to get feedback on contracts and labor markets in the game. Stores and currency are getting decent usage, but contracts in their first pass aren't being utilized that much. Any feedback on how they work and changes for the next iteration would be great.

    The goal with contracts is to be our 'quest' system: a new player can log in, and find the kind of work that's needed on the server from the economy viewer, and use that to determine what skills they specialize in. It allows async cooperation not just for trading goods but for doing labor.

    Some things I'm planning on adding: a 'reputation' system which you can give and receive like currency, and lose if you have a bad contract with someone. It can serve as an informal way of helping out before currency is active. I also want to re-add store-credit, which will connect with shared inventories, so you can trade at a store for credit, then spend it at a fee-charging craft table nearby.

    I'd like to add road building as a contract as well.

    I think with some additions and tweaks this could be a really powerful and fascinating system.

  • This is a great idea. Maybe give skill points as a reward for get X reputation on the server. As for contracts, I know a lot of people are not using them because they have no idea how to use them. While a few other players like to solo and not bother helping, or asking for help.

    Side note. Maybe instead of skill points they get a title? I was also thinking about making items/clothing to somehow help with the 'quest' of the contracts. It could range from increase time limits, to increase carrying weight during time limits. Just threwing ideas out there

  • I think this is a good idea. one think I would like to see is that the currency on the server gets set to one currency...... to many people making their own makes it difficult, you have to use this currency at this shop and this currency at this shop, its no different than just using credit at the store since no one else is using that currency.

    Honestly earlier in the game it would be nice if we could pay with rewards for completing a task. Say I want a building built, here is the brick and here is the location....that is already in the game, but before currency there really isn't much you can do for the person. It would be great if I could say once you have completed this building that you receive 10 wild Stew and 30 bricks.

    Another type of contract I would like to see added is a delivery contract, but different than what is there, what is there states bring me 30 wood you get paid, but what about move 200 iron ore from location A to location B. I usually find that places I am getting ore from are quite far from my house and it can take hours to transfer the ore from the mine back to the house, if I could setup a depot at one location (my mine)for them to pick up from and have them deliver it to another (my house) that would be great, but be able to pick up the contract from either location..... maybe make depots linked to the owner and have shared contracts but not shared inventory over large distances.

    I also noticed that you can setup a contract to go build in an area, you give them the brick and let them go build, but if they don't build it you do not get the brick back, it just kind of defaults to well an incomplete contract but the person got the brick they wanted, and probably used it somewhere else for themselves. I think there should be penalties for not completing a contract. Maybe have their deed to their land put up as collateral until completed, and if it goes incomplete in that time the deed then becomes the owner of the contracts, and they can then sell you back your land and property or they can barter with you to complete the contract to get the deed back.

  • I am not sure about the currency all being set to one per server - as different towns should be able to compete with each other. How about a mechanism for exchange - like an exchange bank? People on our server have liked the idea of 'different' towns and would like to see that broadened to where different towns would have different mayors as they already can have different currency. There would have to be some way for the server to know what currency was worth what, of course, probably from looking at what stores were charging for items and contracts and figuring it out from there, then enabling a "exchange bank" where you can take one currency and exchange for another and then go and buy in the town that uses that currency?

  • @rentechd I really like that idea, a bank.... could be a new profession, they can do currency exchange and even have safe deposit boxes, maybe even do loans and such

  • @toxxikz said:

    Another type of contract I would like to see added is a delivery contract, but different than what is there, what is there states bring me 30 wood you get paid, but what about move 200 iron ore from location A to location B

    That works already, you can give materials at one location and expect them at another. You can also set a deposit for contracts, so if they dont complete it, you get paid.

    @rentechd said:

    How about a mechanism for exchange - like an exchange bank?

    Definitely, I want to do this, as well as loans and investment accounts. Will be good ways to make currency more generally useful.

  • Loans, investments, mortgages all of that would really play into the educational side of the game. I know many educations who feel that this is very lacking in the curriculum mainly because there just is nothing out there to teach it around except playing with paper money in a classroom but not really 'getting' anything that makes it feel worthwhile so it does not make an impact on students or really give a teacher much to develop a lesson around

  • I like the money exchange idea.

    Back to 'quest' as contracts. I was kinda hoping contracts would work more like a quest. One person would choose to do it and is give a time limit to complete it. If they do not, they fail, and someone else can pick up the contract. If the quest is completed, the 'quest giver' pays them with either items or currency(if they have it) as well as the game giving them "XP". The "XP" could the 'reputation' system which in turn would unlock titles, items, clothing that only be gotten by the 'reputation' system.

  • Maybe add a 'bonus' system where the player can sent an extra amount if the contract is completed in a certain time frame? Like 100 for building a room and 10 more if the room is built by such and such a time? If its not finished in the time frame the bonus is not paid?

  • There is a time limit after which the contract is failed, and you lose your deposit. The XP/Reputation system I think will be a good addition, going to explore that.

  • @JohnK It would be nice also that if someone fails a contract that not only do they lose the deposit but maybe next time they pick up a contract there is a 5% increase to the deposit and keeps increasing for every failed contract for maybe a 7 day time frame.... really would make it so people want to complete the contract..... kind of like a credit check...well we see you have bad credit so you now have a higher interest rate..... in this case we see you failed some contracts so you now have a higher deposit.

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