Could not verify token and cant connect to a particular server

  • for some reason i cant connect to a specific server i was playing on(but can connect to ones i havent been on before), i can log in fine but when i try connect to the server it takes about 5 -
    10 seconds saying connecting then says connection failed invalid login token.

    i have tried clearing my cookies and cache with no success, any ideas?

  • is it possible you have been blacklisted on the server?

  • First Make Sure you can log into your ECO ACCOUNT on the account site (where you downloaded the game) and that there is not an issue with your login. Try changing your password and make sure that it contains only numbers and letters - no symbols and starts with a capital letter). Make sure you log out of the launcher and enter your Name and new password again. Try again and see if you still get an error

    If you still get the error do this.

    Make sure your game is not running.
    Go into C:\Users(YourComputerName)\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games and delete the ECO folder.
    Restart your game

    The ECO folder will be recreated when you start the game again and so will not hurt anything to delete it but there could be a corruption in there that is causing the token error.

    If that does not work contact so they can verify your account - make sure you tell them you have already done the above to try and fix it because they will tell you to do that first.

  • @toxxikz
    i dont think so.. there would be no reason to block us?

  • The issue seems to have completely fixed it

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