MoonMaster server *Updated info*

  • Hey for those that are interested in finding a server to join MoonMaster ( ) is looking for newer players, we have the meteor off, and multiple specialists (I for one am the farmer/cook of the server) we have the foundation of a fair economy with a singular currency used on the server. we give a starting gift of a modest amount of currency to new players to spend how they will as well as free food for the first week or so provided by yours truly (I have corn fritters, elk wellington and elk tacos coming out of my ears as well as campfire foods for when you're running through calories) we just setup a discord server to be able to reach me or the server owner CPTPortes or anyone else on the server. I'm an admin and usually on between 1800 and 2100 EST every day (more on the weekends) if you have any questions or are interested join us in discord and we can answer any questions: hope to see folks soon :)

    Now with a free food bin!, combos between 142 and soon to be 152 skillpoints per day, just follow rules posted on the signs near it :)

    P.S. folks of all experience are obviously welcome