Topology feedback

  • Kudos to the devs for mapping a torus onto something that always looks like a sphere in game. Very good job.

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about, imagine that the minimap is a globe of earth. Put yourself at the equator. Now 'walk' north until you pass the north pole and all the way until you hit the equator again. That's 180 degrees. Now you're looking at the equator, but 'upside down'. South is 'up' from this perspective. Now, walk back to your starting point, and this time walk 180 degrees west. On a sphere, you're looking at the same place you visited before, but with North 'up' this time. On ECO's torus, those excursions visit completely different places. Also, on ECO's torus, you're never 'upside down' with respect to any of the maps. And, the 2-D square maps map perfectly onto the 3-D world. No worries about worries about weird 2-D map projections. And, the compass never flips (like when you cross the magnetic pole on Earth) That's confusing to some players.

    I didn't see this written up anywhere. Have the dev's blogged at all about this design choice? I think it's really clever.

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