{IDEA} Mining cave ins.

  • Not sure if it is possible with this but if you mine it would mean you need to have supports for the mine. And if you didn't it could cave in and either kill/trap you.

  • that be kind of neat if you dig it out so far and make it to big with out placing supports perhaps starts to cave in to give you a warning kind of like what sand does in mine craft.

    it would fit into the whole eco thing with climate change so forth.

    it has been known to happen where people mine to point where a whole hill falls in on its self changing the landscape and animal life around the area.

  • In regards to how this could be done logically, is that the natural caves that spawn are indeed structurally sound (Even if magically), but upon player interaction, a radius around the disturbed area could require said supports.

  • Death and being trapped are not even in the game. No death. If stuck. Type /unstuck and you are on the top most layer. It would be kind of cool though. Would be messy and you would have to clean it up to keep going on your mine

  • If being stuck becomes so unlikely, we may find the /unstuck command being removed, so I wouldn't count on it to remain in the game forever.

    Having to clean up because you were careless is punishment enough, if you value your time.

    And if it were possible do die from rockfall, then perhaps like some other games, we could have different levels of punishment, based on server settings for example:

    Lose money
    Lose all items
    Insert other penalty type here

  • True. Idk if they would take away the un stuck command. I mean it would be a while if they did. As is right now I am using it multiple times per day sometimes hours. And I still have it in my head that this game will have nothing to do with the player dying ever. I think of it as a Game about creativity and learning. Aswell as learning to communicate and work with other people. All these aspects will not be ruined with the unstuck command. It's not a competitive game and not pvp so if the unstuck command stayed forever it wouldn't effect a thing. Not sure if it will but I don't see why it would be removed. Like I said I like the idea of having to clean up or something a collapsed cave but I don't think it should effect the player directly by death or being stuck. Maybe effect the planet somehow or just force the player to clean up to continue a tunnel or w.e

  • I see what you're saying.
    I agree that taking it away would not affect the main goal of the game.
    I guess my vision for a simulation/game experience is not always what the developers had in mind.
    I guess too that it is easy to blur the lines and become excited about the possibilities of something, rather than the most appropriate actions.

    I do know that cleaning up is a pain.
    I also know that some of the code is in (When you turn a solid stone to rubble, it will fall until it hits something.)

  • I like the idea of cave ins. Never hurts to try to give an idea! You never know they might put it in some way in the future. But now that you mention about blocks falling when you turn them to rubble. That's kind of like a cave in. Haha. Not to annoying as of yet cause you can remove bottom block and put on top and repeat. But kind if stinks when you are trying to make a room underground with the tamper and the roof falls and you have to build it back up to tamp it. I just started building wood ceilings in situations like that now haha. Kind of like a support beam :p

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