5.6 server download does not appear to be the correct version

  • so question, I just downloaded the current 5.6 alpha server which states that it is v0.5.6-alpha-staging-12beac71, so i also downloaded the client. I started the server and went to run the client and it says incompatibale version. I restarted the server and at the top when it goes to idle it says v0.5.6-alpha-staging-21f43d75 not v0.5.6-alpha-staging-12beac71 is there a problem with the downloads?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I was just trying to make sure that the Devs knew that the current staging server version did not appear to have been properly updated and is still providing compatibility as an older version.

  • Hi.. I just 10 minutes ago bought and downloaded both server and client and I found the same that the posted versions do not match but I tried the downloads listed in this page and they do not match either.. I deleted both files I originally downloaded and I'm only using the 'alpha-staging' files.... I see my server in my server list but it's shown as incompatible. Any further ideas?

  • Zaskersky NEVER post links to the download here. Anyone can get in these forums and when you did that you gave the game to teh world for free. I deleted your post. DO not post game links

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sending them to that link, a link you should only get if you paid for the game allows anyone to go there and get it giving it away. Please do not do this again

  • @Nibiru121 First do not use that link go to the Eco site, go to account and login, there you can download the stable version or the staging, you should not use that link

  • I'm sorry... I thought everything on this forum was only for those that have bought the game and have an account.. I actually got that link from another post also in the support forum.. So I don't understand why for me it was wrong but where I got it wasn't?? If anyone can delete my post then that would be fine with me. Again though.. If what I did was bad, then I am truly sorry.

  • @rentechd the reasoning behind you deleting @Zaskersky post make 0 sense, and here is why, to play the game you need an eco account and the authorization does check if you bought the game or not, that way people who haven't bought the game can still "find" the game but they cannot play it.

    If this is not a check in ecoauth, then maybe the devs should include it? ;)

  • @rentechd
    Ok i will not post these link on the forum, and wont help people to play the game when a bug occurs.
    I wont do this again cause Rentechd will remove me from the forum if i do. (he pm'd me in a message.)

    These links i posted where a temp fix as the download links under account did not match versions.
    Also these links i posted are official links from the eco game.
    And these links are already widely spread over the internet, there no secret as there public download links, no security no login,
    People who not paid for the game, have the means to download the game way before i posted these links.

    To a good game all,

  • It was pointed out to me that anyone can register for the forum whether they bought the game or not, so this would make it true that if anyone posted download links for the game on the forum then anyone could use them and download the game for free.. Seems like the download server would be protected from this but that's the way it appears to currently be.

  • It would be nice, if a extra layer of download security could be added, a authentication from your eco game account, to download the files from the file server. having to login to be able to download the files. this should also be possible, linking the eco user database to the download page, on login with only read rights.

    Hi black, i hope i can take a moment of your time, if you are the right person to send this message to.
    If this hasnt been suggested yet by another person, could you suggest to the person'(s) in charge of the eco downloads / account verification's. To maybe add account verification to the official eco download links, in the form of only read rights. this would be very helpful.

    Thanks for reading this, if this is suggested before already, ignore this message.

  • @Nibiru121 please read my post carefully, it does not matter if they download the game, then they have to login into an account that has bought the game, so technically if I were to send you the files for the game, you are wasting storing on your hard disk. cause you can not use them.

  • Hey Clay, the issue is with downloading the game it makes it easier to pirate and there are ways around authentication, as you know. SO making the download public is a problem. Actually this whole thing came up because of a support request for someone who was playing the game without ever buying and when asked where he got the game without buying it he was able to point to this forum post. And he was playing with help from others. So just to be fair we are asking people not to post links to the downloads in the forums. That has always been a rule so we are just continuing with it.

    And yes Zaskersky more security has been asked by NBT around the downloads and this maybe coming. I think it depends on whether they website purchase site will remain after the move to steam. There have been some web site changes but not that yet as they need to balance dev work between web site and game. Asking people that own the game not to publish links to the download should not be an inconvenience

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