My own doors are locked?

  • Logged in today for the first time in a couple of weeks and found that all my doors to outside my own house were locked saying I can't use them. I have to bash down my own walls to get outside. I also noticed that while I am still authorised to use my land, someone else has renamed one of my two plots.

    What is going on? How can someone have this power over my own land. As the server owner, is there something I can do with the limited tools I have at my disposal?

    On a side note, I would have searched the forums for this, but the forum search tells me I have to be registered or logged in to post. Despite the page redirecting me to my own profile page, that is logged in.


  • If you were gone for a couple of weeks the server admin may have removed the claims where the doors were and replaced them so that maybe you would contact them when you came online. That is one method a few admins will use when they need to talk to you or if they think you are not coming back to the server. That's one possibility.

  • How would the server admins do this? I would be interested to know as I own the server.


  • if you are the server admin then i guess that wouldn't be the case then, but anyone with admin privileges on the server could use the following command. Did you add anyone else to the admin group?

    /unclaim — Unclaims the current plot (also plots of other players), doesn't return a Property Claim Flag

  • Does nothing. The chat says property has been unclaimed, but it still says I can't do anything as its not my property.

    I figured out that someone has stolen my deeds somehow. I know who, but there is no Ban feature, no Blacklist feature. There is nothing to defend a server against asshats other than whitelisting the server and only having a couple of trusted people.

    EDIT: I forgot that in Eco, you claim small plots. Pity it can't unclaim a whole persons claims.

  • actually there is a blacklist section in the config file just make sure you enter their name correctly, capitalization is important and it must be in quotes like "JohnBear" please see example below. after making the change you will need to restart the server for it to take affect.

    "BlackList": {
    "$id": "3",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": ["JohnBear"]

  • Brilliant. That's what I needed

  • After following your conversation for a while, here are 2 other options.
    1: use the admin /unclaim command on land claimed by another, and create a new plot deed by reclaiming the land,
    2: a fully effective method but requires a bit more work, is to fully delete the profile of the person who's data you want removed.
    To do so you have to do the following actions.
    1: stop the server, 2: go to eco storage, and open file, with winzip/winrar or other program that can open the file, after opening the file go to the folder Users, and inside there delete the file of the player you want removed completely from your server, then save the file. and start the server again.

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