Struggling to connect to specific server

  • Hello. ive been playing ECO for a few days now and ive been playing on - Tryggr fairly new server and getting things up and running..

    Ive got to log in again this evening and the client just states "Connecting" and doesnt do anything else. i can see there are 5 people online but im unable to connect. and the connection doesnt even crash or cancel it will just continuously connect and go no further. at time of typing if currently left it 10 minutes and still no connection.

    How do i resolve my connection to this server?

    Kind regards.

  • i just attempted to connect myself... i got the same thing you did, just sits on connecting, it looks as though the issue may be with the server. If you know the server admin you may want to ask them to restart the server. If that does not fix the issue check to see if they have the player limit set to 5, if so it will only allow 5 players on at a time.

  • hey man i know u from that server i have the same issue

  • Its weirds its showing 5 people are currently online

  • Server back online, it was down.

  • We could really do with a Server community page on the forum. or a discord, can someone ask the server host to give me a shout or suggest the above to him

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