How to increase the overall skillpoints per day outcome?

  • I've looked everywhere for this and am trying to find a way to change the skillpoint outcome for a server. The server I was playing on died off out of nowhere and had 10x skill points per day.. so I'm trying my best to recreate the server in hopes to give the original players a new/better version, but cant seem to find a way to increase the outcome of the points anywhere online. I've already got a server through Pingperfect, but I don't see where it says anything about increasing the skillrate.

  • At the bottom of the file in the Configs folder you will find at the very bottom

    "TickContinuously": true,
    "PushToWorld": true,
    "PullFromWorld": true,
    "TimeMult": 1.0,
    "BiomeReclaimRateMax": 0.8,
    "BiomeReclaimRateMin": 0.1,
    "PlantScarcity": 0.0,
    "PlantDensity": 1.0,
    "SkillGainRate": 1.0,
    "RecordLayerHistory": "Interval",
    "TimeOfDayScale": 48.0

    you can change the "SkillGainRate": 1.0

    if you change it to 10 that will make the skill points gained 10 times more but I am sure you get the picture

  • Thanks!

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