Campfire Light Glitch & Room Mechanics

  • In the latest staging (21f43d75):
    whenever you are walking towards anyones property that has a campfire (we think we've pinned it down to the campfire), you will see a bright white light that blinds you until you get closer. Every person on my server was experiencing this in this staging and the last staging. :)

    Also Im not sure if this is a bug, but chests are counted as Crafting Stations and the Room mechanics, when it should allow 3 crafting tables in a room that is big enough for all of them, wont let it happen if one chest is in there. In fact the room mechanics in these builds had been really hard to work with, having to break and rebuild the room until it allows it, when in the stable build it would be fine. And we need storage, so if this was an intended mechanic it should be changed, otherwise we would have to have one crafting table and 2 chests per room to actually get anything done. Which is a bit ridiculous, (unless we were to fiddle around with it and fix it every now and then to get more than that).

    confirmed in 94b0a99b, not sure about current build:
    Not only that but we would also need a decent sized room much bigger than minimal requirements so that you don't accidentally suffocate (/Breathable thing) when moving chests and lose all your skill points instantly. :)

    There was one other thing, the people on my server hope its a bug, but Stockpile range is very, very small, right now its a big struggle to find storage for the Stockpiles that's within range of crafting tables.right now the max is 7 blocks (it was suggested increasing it to 15 at least). To make building a little simpler considering how much harder these new mechanics make it to store things.

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