Idea/Suggestion: Attractive areas for wildlife?

  • I spurred an idea still in development, but I will still have it in the works. I know saplings are still in development to replant and such, but I was curious... what if when the saplings come out and we start to replant, that all of a sudden it attracts new wildlife or "spawns" them? What my idea suggests is the more "green" or sustainable an area is, the more life there is and therefore, possibly, a faster growth rate for trees, plants, and animals? And opposite for the less there is? Sort of like a bonus for how green you keep your area. Not sure if this will be already implemented or not, but just an idea? The only issue with it is people building it close to home for the sake of killing or harvesting out of convenience, so quite possibly make a rule in the code somewhere it has to be x amount of distance from any constructed buildings or mines of any sort?

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