How to Update Server

  • Does anyone know how to update a server? Me and a friend of mine are using a server from 5.5.1 and we wish to take that server with us to 5.6, but we do not have a clue on how to update the server to the newest version. Can anyone help us? We have tried to take a backup of all the files, delete all the files except the storage and the config one and then move them into a new server folder. What do we do?

  • @Hammr-Fanboy All you need to do to update the server is copy the file from the storage folder over, this is the world save file. I am however not sure that the savefiles from 5.5 will work in 5.6, due to the changes with the storage system. Remember to do a full backup just in case.

  • You need to do the following steps to Update your server:

    1. Stop your server
    2. Delete all files the following config files:
      3 Unzip the server files into the main server directory
    3. If you edited or modified any settings in any other configuration file you will need to do so again (such as in for size or for plant growth etc)
    4. If moving to 5.6 from 5.54 or before version Delete your and This will start a fresh world for you. You will need a new world. If applying just another 5.6 staging version you can use the same world.
    5. Start your server

  • How do you really make an update from 5.6 to 5.6.1?
    If not even the moderators agree.

  • MGrande is not wrong but my steps insure that no files are left behind and do not fail to overwrite. Both instructions are technically the same. Mine just make sure that you are not leaving anything behind that can cause a false bug later one. MGrand's steps replace the some of the config files that you probably want to retain like the users file with your whitelist/blacklist and admin list so you don''t have to recreate those lists and your disaster and network settings

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