alpha staging server

  • anyone know how to get hold of owners of server "ER/CH/ENG #1 free 4 all" ??? there a bug the broken all workbenches and basically you can't play.


  • Shot in the dark, but did you try the discord channel in the description?

  • You finally contacted us and we are aware of the issue. there is a newer alpha staging out and we try to update ASAP. But first we need to have a look into the server crash wich occured today. sorry for the trouble you guys have.

    we'll inform you over the forums here or in the discord channel when the server is back online.

    greetings from switzerland ;)

  • Ok. Server is up again. But there were so many changes made in the newer staging verion that we had to restart the server with a new world made. Sorry for that. But at least the server works again. Greetings and have fun 😉

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