Can't put certain items in the workbench

  • Since version 5.6 you can not put items like stone, wood or dirt in a chest or a table/workbench. You Need to build a stockpile as "chest" for them. And dont forget to link them with your table/workbench.

  • I understand that. But you can start an order for something and right-click to drop the resources into the order on the workbench or whichever table. I am literally doing it as we speak. I don't have a stockpile nearby and it's still working because the resources are going directly to the work order, not being stored.

  • For 'carry items' like stone, logs, ores etc you need to store them in a stockpile, not a chest or table and link that stockpile to the table you want to use them in.

    You will need to have a stockpile near your workbench and linked to it to hold the stone and then the workbench can find the stone and build the campfire. Make sure that inventories are lined correctly and have the right authorizations and that the table status is correct so that it can build a campfire.

    You can't "put" stone or logs etc in a workbench. They have to 'pull' them from a linked stockpile

  • How can that be? If what you're saying is true then there is a catch 22. Meaning that you need a stockpile in order to use 'carry items' for a workbench, but in order to create a stockpile you have to use logs...which are carry items. So you would never be able to create a stockpile in order to create anything else.

    Here is me adding logs directly to a workbench to create a stockpile, without a stockpile or any other storage nearby.

    Here is me adding dirt directly to a workbench to create a dirt ramp, without a stockpile or any other storage nearby.

    I think what you mean is that it is possible to carry individual 'carry items' over one at a time like when picking up stone OR if you pick up multiples like logs, but to have a stockpile nearby that is linked to the workbench makes it much easier and quicker because the workbench will automatically pull the resources from the stockpile when a work order is created.

  • I feel I should clarify, I created the work order FIRST and then was able to right-click on the workbench. I was not adding 'carry items' to the workbench itself. I've shown this in the 2 YouTube videos that I uploaded, but I didn't specify it in my previous post.

  • To build a stockpile you don't need to put the wood into the workbench. You need 5 wood for 1 pile, this is half of the amount you can directly carry.

  • lol. I feel like I'm not being understood or other people don't realize they aren't being specific enough.

    You said "To build a stockpile you don't need to put the wood into the workbench." This is true because you are putting it into the work order, not the workbench itself.

    1. I understand workbenches don't have storage anymore.
    2. You don't need a stockpile in order to create things that require 'carry items'.
    3. You must create the work order first before you can do anything. Walk up to the workbench, press E, click Order next to what you want.
    4. If you chop down a tree and cut it up correctly you can pick up a max of 10 logs OR pick them up and place them in the world then pick them up again to reach the max carry capacity.
    5. While carrying the logs, walk up to the workbench and right click. Repeat if more are needed. This will add the logs to the work order.

    Why not be more specific and clear when helping someone? Or create a video like I did so it's even easier to understand.

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    So it must be a bug then. As I cant put either logs or stone into my workbench.

    I'll try restarting my world and get back to you on the results. Thanks for your help!

  • This was an old post from 5.5.4 when you could place things directly in a workbench. Now you need to link a stockpile and/or check to the workbench and place the items in it for the workbench to used in 5.6 - linked inventories were implemented in 5.6

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