• How likely will it be they give me one? I played for maybe 15-30 minutes, and I shouldn't have to spend hours and hours reading and watching videos to figure out to do some basic stuff. I would prefer to spend time playing the game, not reading novels and doing a college course worth of research to chop a tree. I work 12 hours a day (I'm sure some of you can relate) If I can't figure out how to do anything but walk around and jump in the first 30 minutes, something is wrong. I've been gaming for 25+ years, and yeah, I'm not cool with that. Refund please.

  • Not sure what you mean by hours of research to learn some basic skills. There a number bottom left thats flashing when you have skill points available. You only start with one skill tree so its simple enough to understand you need to pick logging to start chopping down a tree

  • The only thing I saw on my skills was survival. And that told me nothing about doing anything else. I also shouldn't have a 300 ping to every single server. I have 100mbps of bandwidth. My ping for 90% of other games, even to UK servers and such, is 40-90.

  • @charlignon If you send an e-mail to they will help you out with anything related to your purchase.

  • I'll do that. Thanks. Just tried playing again and yeah, not digging it. Excellent concept, just apparently not a concept I enjoy partaking in. Considering other games I highly enjoyed, I thought this was a no-brainer purchase for me. I was wrong.

  • SLG has a refund policy and I believe that if you have had the game less then a certain period of time they will refund without issue. Simply email with the email you used to buy the game, give them your account information and the paypal transaction id and they should get back to you withing 24-48 hours

  • I'd say wait on the refund if I were you, this is very early alpha, so tutorial, synergy, and accessibility are going to be limited. or get a refund then come back when it hits beta on steam later this year (i believe) as of now, yes the learning curve is rough, but this is an alpha these things are to be expected.

  • Refund is already being processed. I did start actually getting into it, but I have 100mbps of bandwidth, and I shouldn't have a 300 ping to all servers. I play on a Turkish rust server with an average ping of 70. I also couldn't host server on my PC, while playing the game. Crashed constantly. Though I can do with every other server based game. A lot of little things kept me from cancelling my refund request. If some little annoyances get fixed, I will purchase again.

  • Did you ask for help with your issue concerning server host? for a instant you can't create a world with odd numbers such as 101,103 etc.

  • @charlignon yeah the game is still pretty rough around the edges but the devs are working hard on polishing it up. I'm glad to hear that you're considering repurchasimg in the future. If you have any questions about gameplay changes at any point feel free to ask and I'll give you my personal impressions. I will be slightly biased because so far i love the game and its attention to detail. Just wait till she hits steam, when the game does I'll help you out with whatever you need too.

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