Need a little more information on farming

  • specifically a few things on how nutrients are restored to depleted farm plots

    some things I've tried with varying success:

    1. leaving tilled plots fallow

    2. digging up the tilled plots then replacing the dirt without tilling to leave fallow

    3. harvesting offending plots (that are depleted and will no longer grow) and leaving fallow whilst the rest of the field has plants still growing

    4. harvesting entire fields and leaving the fields fallow

    my best successes have been with harvesting the entire field and leaving it fallow, but even with that I still have some plots, usually in a random grid (some 2x10 others 6x6 etc.) that are still depleted or very low on nutrients.

    I'd like to know more about exactly how the nutrient system works in the current build as it is seemingly random. is this a server side glitch causing the nutrients not to restore to some plots, is there some factor that I'm unaware of, or is it clientside. right now farming can be inconsistent due to plots not restoring nutrients consistently leading to wasted seeds. which is fine if it's part of the game design I just wanna know what to expect when farming so I can plan accordingly. if it helps I've mainly been growing wheat to mass produce flour.