My Thoughts of the Excavator..

  • So I have a couple of servers running now. One is a 5.6 server with the first test build, which runs great on our regular game server. The other is to test the latest and greatest 5.6 test builds. So as that goes, I have tested and played with our new excavator (without sound, as I am sure has been reported).

    The excavator is great for digging large holes quickly.
    The excavator has great mobility with semi good controls.
    Turning is easy once a tool is equipped.
    It's relatively easy to figure out.
    Dumping is easily achieved.
    Bucket is glitchy and gets stuck easily
    Control arm likes to get stuck under dirt causing amazing flips through the air.
    Control arm does not quite reach far enough causing you to accidentally dig underneath yourself.
    Getting stuck in holes is frequent.
    Digging underground can be scary.
    Tunnel digging needs to be assisted.

    Definitely looks like an excavator
    Not a tracked vehicle, has tires instead.

    So with that said, I can neither confirm or deny if I like the excavator. It chews through everything though, (except trees, will chew leaves though). I am interested in what this thing sounds like. Sound is currently not working on this build.
    I am surprised that the devs didn't decide to go with a tracked vehicle. Tires have been a problem for us, powered carts, carts etc. Tracks would allow us to move more evenly across terrain and not get stuck in the many holes this thing can chew out of the earth.

    Another concern of mine is the general practicality of the excavator, sure it's cool to use for mountain clearing or general construction purposes, however it isn't that practical for digging where as an industrial auger or mining truck would be.
    I was thinking it would be cool to attach a bulldozer blade to the excavator to push dirt rather than to pick it up. I foresee problems with people getting these things stuck underground and perhaps flying through the air.

    I would like to take from the excavator the tires and place the 4 tires on the powered cart, the three wheeler is very hard to drive at first until you can get used to its semi-truck wide turns. I will say this, since this thing miraculously works under water it's great for island building. I have not yet tried to dump items into the stockpile with the excavator. I am interested to see if that's possible.

    I am going to try dumping buckets into the stockpile first then try to dump it into powered carts and so forth. We played mostly with the mechanics and not the overall day to day use with it. You guys tell me what you think.. have you tried it yet?

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