Looking for Eco Friendly server to play on

  • Gday Lads,
    I am new to the Eco community and am yet to join a server. I am still a bit confused on how looking for servers works so I decided to ask here. I am looking for an eco friendly server so that i can experience what the game is all about. i would be stoked if 1 of you guys could invite me to your server and have a crack. I won't bother you if you don't want me to I can just sit in the corner and potter along haha. anways cheers lads and sorry if i bother anyone with this I don't really get forrums etiquette here yet :P.

  • Hello and congrats on becoming part of this fine community :D. I'm online most of the time and would be more than happy for you to join me and ill explain how things work and help you get started . You wont be in any ones way in fact another person helps push the economy forward Drop me a message on steam @cmgjones or join our discord and post I'm here for eco and ill jump right in https://discord.gg/KVENUXz

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