Worst people i have ever played with

  • I was playing on server planet-H but when i signed off last night some low life went and chopped holes in my walls and stole my logs i wont be returning to play any longer as i worked long and hard to build my homestead only to have every thing ruined by someone too lazy to do the same.

  • Did you claim the land for yourself?

    If you did this wouldn't have happened ;)

  • My friend cuda7000,

    If you want I can help you to create your own whitelist Server :)

  • Hi Cuda7000

    You should have land claim posts that you get when you start and you get more of them with each skill scroll you read. You place these down on the areas you want to build on and this "claims" the land for you. You get a deed that then you can control the property with granting access to others individually if you wish - or not at all. If you build on claimed land people cannot harm your building. People expect that if the land is unclaimed and they find a building on it it is not wanted anymore because of the fact that the land is not claimed and that what is there is free for the taking. In many ways you can't blame them for taking your wall or hurting your house or say its a bad server for that. You did not claim the land or they would not have been able to do this. As far as anyone knew that land was not claimed and that the resources could just be taken. If you build on any server and don''t claim the land this will happen to you - even on the best and nicest server in the world. You have to claim and protect your land or people will not know it belongs to you.

  • II had just finished building this room attached to the rest of my house (claimed) but ii had no claims at this time and it was late so i signed off for the night. I have been playing on this server for over a month there were only two people on the server when when i joined never expected this

  • @Flauschi Thanks how can i go about doing that

  • First of all, you could ask the guys if you get the backup file from the night.
    Afterwards you can download the server version of ECO and start a server locally.
    The server will only available if you start the server on you Computer.
    With the backup you can restore your 2 month work.

  • Thanks

  • @cuda7000 you can also play on a number of other servers that have great communities and do not typically mess with your buildings, claimed or unclaimed.... I know I have played on ECO Waste for quite a while and the community is great there and the admins encourage players to not mess with other players items even if unclaimed without their permissions. Most of the community on this server has been there for months now but we are always looking for new dedicated players to join the family.

  • I am sorry but I have to stand up for the server owner here and not get the server stuff with the title of being a server that 'griefs'. Its not the server's fault or the admins if the player does not claim the land. This could and will happen on any server you go on - if you don't claim the land you build on - whether cause you were tired or you did not have claim flags - it tells other people that that stuff is not owed by anyone and is free to be taken. That is NOT GRIEFING toxxikz. That is why tehir are claim flags.

    No server admin can be online 7/24 to watch your property. The way to protect property is built into the game in the manner of claim flags. Its not the servers' fault, or the admin's, or other people playing on that server if your leave your land and building unclaimed. If you had claimed it they could not have damaged it - the game would have prevented that from happening.

    Its unfair to start labeling a server as one that is griefing people or is a bad server because what happens is part fo normal gameplay. Actually on some servers, to keep space open, if a SA finds a building on unclaimed land they will take it down themselves to free up space, Its not fair to blame a server as being 'bad' because the player failed to take the normal game mechanism steps to protect their property. Its not up to other players to read minds and think "Oh yes, in every other situation where a building is on unclaimed lands its just available for recycle in this case I am getting a telepathic message that the guy was too tired to be bothered to put down claim flags so we should not clean this seemingly abandoned property up...."

  • @rentechd You are correct that was bad wording on my part, I have edited the comment. Also I started playing on the server a little, so far first impressions its a nice server with a good community I would recommend it to other players. I am looking forward to playing there more

  • This is a common thing. For the more "full-time" players, an unclaimed building is fair game for resources. The issue is many new players will join a server, place down a hut, cut down several trees to build said hut, then collectively mine and destroy wild life in an area for a short time, then never come back. The way the players see your stuff is fair game. They aren't going to cut down trees when they can farm the resources from your house. They aren't going to kill animals when you have already killed and stored most of them. It is what it is, protect your stuff.

    Secondly, it is not the fault of the server, nor the server admins for not explaining this. It is your responsibility to take this as a lesson learned and grow from it. We do not have near as many griefers as people think. We are al in this together.

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