Game Stuck on "Loading Objects 100%"

  • Hi,
    Whenever I connect to a server, it loads perfectly fine, and then gets stuck on "Loading objects 100%". While it occasionally loads the world and lets me play, this is about a 1/50 chance. My ping, despite being usually horrible, it occasionally around 80-150 for one server I play on, ("QBC/Francais Flaggard Quebecois Montreal") so I doubt my ping is a major source of the problem.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?


  • If i remember correctly you need an admin to move your character from where you logged out, contact the admins of the server to help you out

  • Does this happen on all servers or just the one?

  • @Gabarius maybe try redownloading the game files, if it's consistent there could be an issue of some kind of corrupted source files for the objects it's attempting to load, as chillbilly said does it happen on multiple servers or just the one? more info would help so we can provide suggestions :)

  • This happens on most servers I play on for what I can remember about other ones I've played on, most of them don't get good enough connection.

  • what kind of internet do you have and how are you connected? via wifi?

  • There are tons of questions that I need to ask now..

    What game version are you using, stable or unstable?
    Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
    Does this happen on new servers you've never played on?
    What's your rig's specs? windows version included 64bit or 32bit?
    How are you logging off for the night from the server? Alt-f4 or Esc-quit?
    Have you enabled clambering?

    I think what your problem is, either your internet was slow at the moment you log off from each of these servers, or a graphical glitch is causing your player to fall through the world or become stuck just after you log off.
    Here are a few theoretical fixes for you that are easy to perform.
    -Delete your game files, re-download
    -Clear your cache of temporary files or do a disc cleanup
    -Restart your modem and/or wireless router

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