Syncing with Steam?

  • Heya.

    Just wondering about this Alpha stage, when the final release hits, or even the playable Early Access (I assume) on Steam, will people's games who bought this Alpha version which is only available on the Strange Loop's website, go/sync into your Steam library? Or is this treated as a standalone program.

    Following the answer to that, what about servers? People from Steam being able to play with people who bought this version (if it is a standalone)?

  • If im not mistaken we will get a key to activiate in steam.
    As long as the server is updated to the build they use on steam/beta release they should be able to join

  • When ECO GS releases to Steam people that bought the game in alpha will get a steam copy which means that you will get a Steam key. At that time you will be able to download it via Steam, install it in your Steam Library and launch and sync through the Steam library just like any game you get through Steam. However, until the game releases through Steam you will have to download it from your SLG Eco Account and install and sync it from there. There will be no difference between the Steam version and the version you get from the website except that probably, once its released on steam the web site will no longer have the downloads to the latest version - you will get them through Steam.

    As for servers, everyone will be able to play on the servers. I think you are incorrectly mislabeling the game as having a 'standalone" and a 'steam' version and that is not true. What is currently on the SLG site will just move to being on Steam - it won't be two different games or two different versions - just a different place to buy the game from and a different place to install it from - but its all the same game. (like getting a game from steam or humble bundle - same game just different sites to buy it at). This is not like PC vs Console where players don't have cross-platform support - its all the PC platform . People plying the game will all be able to get on the same servers and play together.

  • @rentechd
    Thanks for that detailed reply!
    I had hoped that was the case for the servers, I just wasn't sure. Great to hear though. :)

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