[Server Suggestion] Build Optimization for Server 2008 r2

  • May want to look into optimizing the building of the world on server 2008 r2. For me it takes about 15 minutes for everything to (re)build so that players can log back into the game and continue what they were doing.

  • ahh that's actually i a know bug =) . i am sorry you have that

  • Yes we'll be working on that, thanks Azuroth

  • Whereas it doesn't take me 15 minutes to restart the server and i get that this is alpha with probably no optimization, this is still quite ridiculous:
    Eco Server Usage.jpg

    That is during startup only however.
    Average usage once it's started is like maybe 2-5% of a single core. The ram does suffer, but that's nothing unusual for these games:
    Eco Server Once running.jpg

    Bandwith-wise it uses nect to nothing. This makes me very happy.
    I've got an avarage of 4KB/s per active connection. Very VERY nice. =D

    I will keep monitoring these stats and tomorow i will start testing with multiple cores and see how that affects startup, etc.
    I'll keep you posted.

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