Possible idea for new module to allow certain objects to be upgraded to using electricity

  • I think a module that could be used to upgrade some things to using electricity rather than traditional fuels would be nice. Most modern day blast furnaces run on electricity as well as some of the items. Maybe having something in engineering or one of the later trees that would allow you to place an item in a room making some things such as the blast furnace be able to be connected up to a power grid for power. I mean we can make giant lasers that can destroy a meteor in space I would think we would be able to figure out how to hook up a blast furnace or oven to power.

    Was also thinking that many things such as a blast furnace or oven also run on certain light air gases.... not sure if this was a plan for the future or not..... could be a good use for pipes....propane could be very useful....

  • I don't think just having a module in the room to convert them is really realistic. Perhaps adding a new recipe for each crafting table that lets you add a power component to them, maybe even using the old crafting table in the recipe could work.

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