[Server bug]Faulty elk population on law graph

  • Server, Client or Website? Website

    OS/Web Browser? Windows 7 - Google chrome

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    Elk population doesn't seem to be reported correctly as seen in the screenshot.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? -

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: Every time I try create that graph it turns out the same.

    Additional Comments:

    Client Version? Build 0.1.5805.31407


  • Make sure to check more graphs, because I am sure, this is not the only one that's wrong.

  • some of them seems to work but not all ? thats what i discovered when i just tested .. well its alpha =)

  • There is a known issue:
    if the time is under 0.1 days it assumes its at 0. So doesn't show anything.

    But that is not the issue shown about.
    I wonder, @Ryve did you drag your mouse over the line to see if maybe the population was stable for the past .8 of a day?

  • I don't understand what you mean @Rain-Farmer .
    The graph shows the entire 0.8 of the day, thus it's showing everything for the whole server lifetime.
    Or did you mean for me to check the graph for time 0.7-0.8?

  • Well, my first comment about the time, is just noting another error, unrelated to yours. (confusing, whoops)

    I was asking you if maybe the graph line is supposed to be flat? As in the population hasn't changed yet?
    And you could hover your mouse over the graph line to see more details on the Elk population data.

  • Is this maybe what you mean?
    The graph doesn't show any change before the end of day 1.
    We definitely killed multiple Elk, but not like a lot during day 1.


  • Oh interesting, so the graph works after day 1

  • I guess it kind of works, but then again it doesn't.
    The graph doesn't seem to count the actual number of live elk.
    I think it just goes +1 or -1 when elk are born/die.(Right now, no wildlife is born though).

  • Don´t no if this is coherent with what i found. Few days ago i made a local testing-server. Me and my friend built two smelter (about 150 squares apart from each other) The tailings polluted almost the whole world (except 10 -15 squares which left to be green).

    My server shows correctly at the Eco-Sim (graph) that almost all plants died. moving around the world you see a lot of dead animals, but this graphs didnt´t changed yet. Still says about 300 hares etc.

    Also the stats tell me there are about 30 wheat left. Can´t tell where they might be :(


    it´s only a short time period, but the graphs to the right didn´t changed anyway
    (or do i misinterpret this?)

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