VR? - Early, yes, but still...

  • Hey everyone + dev's,
    I know this is still Alpha days and all so don't press too much into my question.
    So Minecraft has VR support, and it's pretty sick; I was wondering if this game too would one day get VR support? That'd be so awesome, imo. I haven't seen gameplay footage yet, only the trailer, so forgive me if there is some obvious reason this isn't possible (like how the camera works or something.)

  • I should try using PS VR with this game and se how it works

  • We have looked into it .. but that would require allot of rewrite for controls and so on ... maybe we look at it in the future again

  • Ah yeah, I figured that may be the case. I was hoping to hear that it wouldn't be too long after the final release you were thinking of releasing it because you were already working on it, but oh well, still going to be an awesome game.
    Just a side note, buying the Alpha version now means that we get to contribute feedback and ideas that will be considered for the final build? Wondering if the $40 is worth it atm.

  • Let me just say this. Sure you are buying a alpha game for 40$ BUT! it has way more content than a regular alpha or even beta. ooh and lets say its NOT an ubissoft game if you know what i mean:p

    And yes our ideas and feedback will have an inpack for the final build

    And the content thats already in the game will keep you occupied for a long time

  • Ravnster , thanks a for that reply. :)

  • dont forget modding cough cough cough

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