quick tip if you have to get rid of spare seeds

  • eat all of them and then use /vomit chat command, as far as I can tell you don't have to be admin and the command removes all calories and contents of your stomach. letting you eat them all to get rid of them and then reset your nutrients/calories so it doesn't set you back. also nice to use filling but nutritionally unbalanced meals for working. puke then eat a nutritionally balanced meal before logging off, for the minmaxxers out there.

  • also works good if your going to be doing a lot of labor that is calorie intensive, eat a bunch of seeds do the labor intensive work then vomit and eat good food, i mean in an hour of doing hard labor you are going to lose what 1 or 2 skill point gains....compared to using good food and running out.

  • You can also have a spare workbench, if you build with friends there is a good chance you have one, and put anything you want to delete into the PRIVATE section of the table. Then using a hammer you can pick up the table, deleting the seeds.

    Edit: Does work with any other station, using a work bench as an example.

  • @Melborne That is great but that is actually a glitch that you are using, one that will be fixed and should not be considered a fix.... technically exploiting glitches is usually against a games EULA (End User License Agreement). While I do not believe that there is a EULA setup yet for ECO I am sure there will be one by time it goes to Beta. Violating a EULA or even without one in many cases in which you use a glitch to your own gain has been and usually is an offense that many games will ban your entire account for. I am not saying that is the case here but it is always better to error on the side of caution that to tell someone to use a glitch. The glitch is that no object should be able to be picked up while there is something in the inventory. This is a reported bug that is being worked, and as such should not be recommended for players to use.

    Also if you do this with a store it will break the economy viewer and crash the client when someone attempts to use the economy viewer. Also a reported bug that has a high priority on the github so expect that it will most likely be fixed before 5.6 final release.

  • @toxxikz Thanks for your response, I do believe you like to post just to post. As however, if it was an important "glitch" it would be terminated. See movie; Wreck It Ralph, for more information. I believe it to be more of a FLAW to the design of a hammer and its ability to remove structures more so than an exploit. Google "Exploit" to discover the actual meaning of an exploit. Clearly you're unaware. Rambling on about exploits and glitches can cause fatigue and often times back pain and strenuous movement of the eyes to which you've then accumulated nonsense and hearsay. More importantly time of ones life that they'll never get back, as I could be spending my time enjoying this game and playing the alpha stages rather than typing a rather long, and on going, paragraph on how much I despise someone over the internet for one simple post. If it were the middle ages, I'd have thrown my glove at you and challenged you to a duel to which only one person would survive. And yes, I'd bet my kingdom on me simply because I don't believe a keyboard warrior like yourself would hold much in the real world. You're in an alpha game, that means we're here to find problems and so that the developers can address them. This is not a glitch, nor an exploit. I repeat. It is a flaw deemed a flaw by the players because they lost items in their private storage one day because they're twice as smart as you. It already checks if items are in the public storage. It is a flaw, by players.

    Also, the economy viewer breaks 9 times out of 10. If you're unable to count this high, it's much higher than your education.

  • @Melborne Please refrain from personal attacks on the forum.

    I feel like something like this would be down to a server admin to enforce more than anything. If they don't like players using such glitches to get rid of items (which won't even be an issue as of 5.6 IIRC), they can look into it themselves.

    The economy viewer should hopefully be more stable in the upcoming patches.

  • @Melborne wow seriously, I do computer programming and database support for a living. and I do know the definition of an exploit especially as it pertains to video games. And you can easily google it as in reference to video games and the first hit you will find is this


    which states : In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.[1] Exploits have been classified as a form of cheating; however, the precise determination of what is or is not considered an exploit can be controversial. This debate stems from a number of factors but typically involves the argument that the issues are part of the game and require no changes or external programs to take advantage of them.[2]

    On github they do have this listed as a bug to be fixed with high priority. please refer to https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/1333

    Please understand that this posting is not a personal attack but meant to be informative because obviously I have had education and I do know how to research and find information and i do understand the definition of an exploit as it pertains to video games. I did not post my original post as an attack of any kind but to inform people it is a bug it is on the list to be fixed and that if ECO Devs or Server Admins do not care if you use this bug which I can fully understand in an Alpha, some may do something about it and they have every right to. I believe encouraging the use of a bug to ones advantage is not playing the game as the designers have intended and personally would not use that to my advantage. How you play and what you do is completely up to you and I will not judge you for it, but at the same time i would never personally encourage someone to use a known bug to gain advantage in a game.

  • Getting wound up about someone giving a tip on how to get rid of seeds... I think you need a hobby bro!

    I however want to thank the OP, as now I don't have to craft hundreds of storage chests.

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