Late Posting but hopefully still Valuable

  • First thing, i want to compliment the main concept of this game.
    Real World Simulation inside Cyber via Fun Method which is Playing Games.

    Now get into what i want to say, which is i hereby i thank you the support team who talk to me and encourage me to post it here.
    I wish this game can use some of the good point if i indeed pinpoint it, or what i said will bring some other idea unto surface.

    I did try this game for some time. THE CONCEPT is GREAT INDEED AND have a VERY LONG OR FURTHER AHEAD VISION.
    Here is what exactly i said in the email with support team:

    Dear ECO,

    Thank you for such respond and action.
    Since ECO Support are being so nice.
    If you dont mind, i leave a little comment on which part makes me unfit to the game currently and hope it is improved in the future.

    Regarding the skill tree window. Scrolling through the Skill tree in inconvinient.
    I think it is great to make such skill tree, but i think it will look nicer if the skill tree changed into tab presentation per skill tree.
    Example Survival into one tab then inside Survival divided into several skill maybe from left to right is easier in the player's eye and mind.

    If possible too, when we buy our lot.
    It is hard to see which lot belong to us without walking back and forth trying to find the coordinate.
    It is great but it takes too much time to meddle and making slower for player to get into the core game.
    If can, show colour or some way to differentiate the terrain under our lot certificate.

    The control for shoveling ground also hard and make me dizzy. since it is hard to control which terrain block we want to pick.
    I cut the grass weed and it gives me grass seed but also weed that i dont know how to clean from my inventory.
    If possible since the game have large or many feature. Make Tutorial that can guide gamers like in mobile game.
    It will set them adjusted to the game until core game begin.

    Maybe that three things is most bothersome for me.
    I am hoping the game get improved alot cause the concept is so great and what makes me commit into paying.
    But it needs more polishing on the interface and presentation window.
    I also hoping more tutorial in game that helps players get started in game quicker and get into the core game.
    Which is competing against other player, economy or profession.

    Thank You ECO, please let me know through my email if there is any new update or info from ECO.
    Keep it up.

    Hope its not too late to give this comment. Best of Luck to ECO.

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