pollution meter?

  • where to find the 'pollution meter' as shwon in the video?


  • that looks like a much older version of the game. I do not think either of those tools are in the game any more. However you still can get info like that with the soil sampler.

  • The Hydrology tool is still in the game it just has to be spawned by an admin. It would be great if an admin could get the pollution meter as well as it would show much easier where the source of pollution spread is coming from.

  • The hydrology tool is not really needed as the soil sampler also give soil moisture readings along with soil condition - so you really don't need a second tool too tell you want the soil moisture is. And there is no 'water table' for like digging wells and that sort of things so the tool as I understand it was removed and that's why you can make it or get it with a skill. I think the video with the "pollution meter" was a video of a test build and it never made it into the game as there are other ways to 'judge' pollution by its effects and the world stats. I dn't know if the hydrometer might come in if weather is added but its not in now as it does not really serve a purpose as there is no "moisture' anywhere but in the soil and in a body of water

  • I believe they left the Hydrology meter in because of the issues with the spread from the aquaducts

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