Currency/economy feedback and ideas

  • Hey all, I love the currency system and the taxation along with the treasury are amazing features, there are some rough edges I think need to be smoothed out with it and my ideas for it are as follows:

    1. 10 currency per gold ingot is clunky and a pain, my suggestion would be to raise the amount of currency per ingot to 100, or even 1000. or better yet provide a slider when the mint is placed that allows you to select how much an ingot is worth like 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc. I know that we can divide down currency however far (I think like 6 or 8 decimal places, maybe more, haven't tested) but that adds more math for folks to have to do and can make calculating the worth of your goods very difficult (i.e if you have raw meat be worth 0.1 currency and gold ingots 10 when you calculate your prices based off of materials used you may wind up with a bowl of campfire stew costing 0.97 currency rather than 9.7 or 97 even) I really think just let folks have the option of whether or not they want to deal with decimals would be a good thing and make it more approachable. especially since one of the game's goals is as an educational tool some kids might really struggle with decimals or complex math and it may put them off of participating in the economics of the game.

    2. building on the idea of the coin per ingot slider is another idea I had that might be kind of neat and add another layer to the economy. once the mint is set down rather than disabling the slider entirely maybe have the option of a vote to either increase or decrease the number of coins per ingot created with a further option of economy stabilizing. so say everyone on the server tried 10 coins per ingot and got tired of decimals so you decide to bump it to 100 or 1000 per ingot. An economy stabilizer check box (or whatever it would be called) would then set everyone on the server (and the treasury) to whatever value they would have had at the new coin per ingot value. So say I had 197.01 coins when it was at 10 per ingot, raising it to 1000 per ingot my new currency value would be 19701 or in the case of 100 per ingot i would have 1970.1. this would allow people to modify the economy to whatever works best for the group without rapid inflation or deflation that would happen without this checkbox.

    3. now you're probably wondering why the checkbox? to give people the option of fiddling with rapid inflation/deflation have it optional. maybe you get a cabal of folks together to hold majority vote that want to try to get rid of X currency and promote their Y currency. they vote to change X's coin per ingot value from 1000 to 10 without the economy stabilizer and then block any votes to change it, thus any new currency created is only worth 1/10th of it's original gold backed value. this allows you to recreate stock market crashes and currency inflation/deflation in game.

    4. More elected officials, specifically a Vice President type with much the same powers as the president. the reason for this is logistics. on a game server the elected leader may not be able to fulfill their responsibilities at all times due to a myriad of reasons (bad internet, different time zones, sudden family death, or maybe just not able to get on at the same time as some of the other players, etc.) having the option for someone else with administrative power and having it up to the server to decide whether they want it or not.

    5. another elected official I was kind of thinking about is a secretary/treasurer. able to administrate taxes, the mint, the treasury, and currency related affairs. mainly because if someone is better at economics/math but not cut out for world leader, giving them power to manipulate the economy (for good or ill!) I think adds this another layer to the game and more chances to educate on real world occurrences of embezzling, graft, bribes, purposeful crashes of economies, you name it!

    6. Allow the mint owners the ability to print unbacked currency (still currency just not made with gold ingots). whether made from paper (like real life dollars) or as stocks or bonds or whatever this has a number of benefits. it can help a fledgling economy by basically making IOU's that will still be usable as currency, so rather than barter until you find boatloads of gold you can use these unbacked bills. it can help out a floundering economy due to gold shortage or any other number of issues. if you add in the currency report the total amount of "unbacked" currency in circulation maybe even add the option to display where the unbacked currency is located (like player a has 197 backed coins and 3907 unbacked and the treasury has 1023 backed coins and 23023 unbacked) I think this adds another nice layer to the economy of the game.

    sorry for the long post and if it rambles a bit but I really enjoy the game and have always found economics to be neat. any feedback or questions would be appreciated.

  • I am surprised to see how a game that basically tries to create modernity and the future doesn't have something as enlightened (read: old) and fundamental as fiat currency. If the history of humanity in the last 400 years have done anything, it should also be in this classroom software that is ECO.

    Economic survival is survival. Even to the developer.

  • @SatsukiShizuka Remember Eco is still in alpha, and honestly the economy is still very new and I am sure it will go through many many changes over time.