Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-05-11_100520" nest to game executable.

  • When I hit play the window opens normally, but then I get a message saying that the game crashed. I've looked online how to fix it and nothing works. Please help.

  • Could you post the crash log from the dump folder?

  • error.log output_log.txt

    .... i get those evere few minute .... 10-15 min solution ?

  • What about a crash file from the "dump" folder? The access violations usually are not crashes, but do happen a lot. In the dump folder the violations that don't result in crashes are usually titled something like: ClientNetworkException #######.ecodump if the server crashed you will see files that say: Crash ########.ecodump

    Those Crash ########.ecodump files are the ones that the dev's need to see along with a copy of the Game.eco file to determine the cause. Windows errorlogs are not that helpful from what I was told by support

  • well ave no one thing like that on my game folder but tons of folder generated after each crash and only these two file no folder called dump and no####.ecodump file only one .dump but is 0ko so empty , these crash are realy annoying

  • I am sorry i was talking about the server crashing and where to find the files for that. You mean your client is crashing. I am not sure where you find those crash logs. The error log you posted is just a null exception error, and those happen a great deal but they don't cause crashes. You will get a lot of them - there are a lot of these errors that happen but they don't cause a crash. You need to find the log that was written when the client actually crashed

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