World not completing generation at anything larger than 100x100

  • Not sure if this is a bug or maybe something to do with increasing the size of the world, but over the past 2 weeks I have attempted to increase the world size from 100x100 to 125x125 and I have found that even after 24 hours the world still has not generated. I have tried on Killer servers hosting and Ping Perfect hosting and both have the same result. I can generate a 100x100 in 7 mins give or take, but after 24 hours I still cant get a 125x125 to generate. On killer servers I have 6 gig of memory and on Ping Perfect I have 8 gig. I am attempting to use the current 5.5.4 server. I also play on the Eco Waste server and I have noticed the server Admin there has the same issue lately when attempting to go larger than 100x100 the world never finishes generating. I am not using any mods just a vanilla server.

  • Stop Server
    Make the changes you want to world size
    File Manager -> Storage -> DELETE

    Start server and it should work if not. Do the same and run "Regenerate World" script

  • well 125X125 is an odd sized world. that might be part of the problem

    If you want a double its 141x141, 3X is 173x173 and 4 X is 200x200

    That said people have been reporting issues with generating worlds over the default of 100X100 - they are crashing. If this happening I suggest that you take a copy of the world it tried to create (the and the crash log it produced and zip them up and post them in a drop box or google drive and link them for the devs to look at. They need to look at these to see what the issues are and in the meantime while waiting to hear from them go back to a 100X100 world which we know is working. I guess you have not looked in your dump folder but I checked for you and all you are doing is producing 100's of crash dumps over and over again - your not generating a world - just taxing the server. When you have issues like this you need to check the dump folder for error logs and crash dumps. Simply redoing the same thing over and over and crashing the server over and over will not fix the issue

  • I used to run a 125x125 and never had a problem, for some reason right about 2 weeks ago it just stopped working when attempting to create a world larger than 100x100.

  • This seems to be a problem that many people have been experiencing. I think the devs will need saves and crash files to determine the issues

  • I had the same issue. Contacted pingperfect support. They had no clue what was going on. My "solution" fixed the issue

  • Well your solution is the normal steps to changing world size - you always have to delete the world ( that is in storage and create a new world that way. That is apparently not working for most people. They are deleting the files in storage and still are crashing trying to create anything over 100X100

    Your solution is just the correct steps to generating a ne world which you have to do if you change size - you can't change the size of a world that was already generated. The problem appears to be that even if a new world is generated the crashing happens with anything but 100X100

  • Here are some of the crash files

    Crash 05010309.ecodmp
    Crash 05010105.ecodmp
    Crash 05010024.ecodmp

    unfortunately there were about 80 of these on the same day for the server never finishing the world Gen, doubt i wanna take the time to upload them all unless asked.

  • Ravnster and I worked on this today and he even tried generating a 141X141 world on his local machine to see if that would work and could be uploaded. The same errors occurred when the world generation got to "finishing". This is now an issue in github. If you have crash logs and the saved world from the generation please post them there:

    Toxxikz - i posted your world save and crash log to github

    We were hoping that maybe we could generate a larger world locally and upload it but its happening everywhere we try and create a world larger then 100X100. It appears that for right now the only thing to do is go with a default sized world until the devs figure out what is happening here.

  • i got my world at 200x200 and the only problems i have is that when its dawn or dusk there is mild lag spikes

  • i run into problems when the world sizes are not even or the same 125x125 error
    100x100 fine
    120x120 error
    150x150 fine
    175x175 error
    200x200 fine maybe this helps

  • 300x300 i run out of memory pc runs at 90%
    400x400 run out of memory and it crashes

  • but i have created a 9km world and i am the only one who can play on it once 1 person joins its so lagged out its unplayable

  • @Siethy how much memory does your server have for the 300x300? I have server here at my house with 128 gig of memory, would love to try a 300x300 or larger world just to see how it looks

  • Just generated a 300x300 world. It uses 11,3-12,5 gb ram while generating and finishing.

    Once thats done it uses 4-5 gb ram and 5-22% CPU(Don't know why the huge gap in cpu usage).
    I used 55 Minutes to generate this world from start to finish(including the "frezing" part)

  • Looks like Ravnster found the answer - or at least a work around - it seems like if the world is a odd number that is what is causing the crash. I was able to build a 140X140 and a 174X174 and 200X200 world without issues (although that 200X200 world required a bit of extra RAM). Then I went back and tried 141X141 and 173X173 (the numbers given us by SLG for 2X and #x world creation) and they both failed again. The "Freezing" part did take a extra long time compared to the length of time it takes in the default world. Apparently you can use the world while the "Freezing' is taking place but just so you know that the world won't be complete until that phase is over. I still think that there should be a network block to logins until the world completes all the generation steps.

  • @rentechd I agree to the block until the world completes generation. It would also be nice if the TCAdmin control panels used by Killerservers and Pingperfect actually showed the progression like the you can see when starting one locally. I know it still wouldn't stop people from entering the server but at least it would allow for the server admin to let people know when it is done rather than guessing by waiting for the CPU usage to drop.

  • At this point we can't do that but with the planned changes that SLG is planning with the interface we will be able to do that. Right now its not possible to do it unless TCADmin created a monitor for it and they don't do that for individual games. Its not something we can code into the control panel

  • @Siethy Is that where you went? Lindberg, DragonPatton, and I have a rolling discussion about where you went, after all this work.

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