possible new game client?

  • hey guys i was thinking of a game client like they have with minecraft? login system, with latest news updates as well as easy access to new versions of the game as well as the ability to change to the staging builds! i understand it would take a bit to make, but would help alot of the alpha players to keep up to date without having to check everyday for new updates where the client would do it for them and auto download it for them,

    regards, kye

  • @Kye I think this is a great idea, I especially like the idea of being able to get the latest news when logging in, I don't always have time to search through the Facebook page, twitter, forums and discord to find the latest news..... unfortunately it seems as though the latest news and updates are never posted to all of these at the same time but bits and pieces here and there.... would love to have a place where i can at least know I am going to get the latest news.

  • oh i agree, it would make life so much easier for everyone, they could even link the forums on it so people can check the forums on the client also

  • Kye, I think that long term if Eco was not going to steam that would be a good idea. But once Eco launches on steam that will all be right there in the steam app listing the latest updates and such - just like you have for other games. I don't see the point of SLG creating a launcher for just the alpha when it will be launched through the Steam App once it gets to beta.

  • @rentechd Yes but isn't the plan to allow the game to be used through steam or stand alone client as well? If the plan is to only put it in steam then I can understand but if they are going to allow stand alone clients such as what we have now I do see merit in Kye's idea.

  • but that kind of client can also be used for server hosting and server clients as well so even when the game hits steam you still have access to updated server clients and run them off that client as well

  • You could buy the dev access and build such a tool.. Just saying.

    I am sure that one day someone making modpacks will build a launcher.

  • +1

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