Camo clothes not very camouflaged

  • I haven't noticed any difference to animal behaviour when I'm wearing camo clothes. I have maximum hunting skills.

    Also they show on my character as white pants and vest and the other players on my server are complaining and telling me to put clothes on.

  • They are still a work in progress. Some of the textures do not work right so the clothing does not show up on your char and not all the benefits work yet either

  • Yes tailoring is one of the newest skill sets and is still being worked, you can make all of the items but most do not provide the benefit as of yet

  • Thanks for the responses. Sometimes it's hard to know what should be working and what isn't yet... Patience of the alpha gamer :)
    The running shoes seem to make a difference but that might just be my imagination...

  • While it means walking around in your underwear, camo clothing pretty much lets you walk up to a bison, and swat it on the nose, when combined with proper animal instinct skills.

  • Likewise, I have found camo gear to be effective.

  • I have noticed that if you take off the camo gear and re-equip it, there are improvements. I have not been able to 'walk up to a bison' yet but it is better. I think this is the same issue I had with the big bear pack losing capacity (when I re-equipped it, it gave the proper capacity again).

  • @underwurldchris The "improvement" is applied when you equip the item, but currently restarting the server seems to break this so you have to re-equip after every restart for the effect to come back, same for all the tailoring gear with bonuses.

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