Unable To Find Server

  • I currently host the ECO: Economy Evolved server through PingPerfect. Most days, I'm unable to find my server through the browser or "configure" option. Everyone else is able to find and connect, but I can't even see the server in the server browser. Some days it's there, some times not. Is this a known issue; if so, what can I do to correct the issue?
    Thank you for your time,

  • I have noticed that with the number of servers out there the game cant possibly show them all, sometimes you have to quit and come back in to see other servers.

    The main thing I would do though is favorite it by checking the box to the left of the server name once you find it, this will ensure that you see it at the top of your list every time you log in.

    If you do not see it in the list you can also add it using the add server by putting in the IP and port like just remember the port number and the IP need to be separated by a :

  • It is related to that. We see it on Killservers to and run a script that gets around it somewhat but not all the time

  • @rentechd Would you mind expounding on the "run a script" statement? Is it run on the server or host side? Considering Killservers doesn't keep the script close-hold, where could I find a copy of the script?
    Any help is greatly appreciated; roughly a third of our server population is having this issue intermittently.
    Thanks again,

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