Suggestion, Traveling merchant stalls

  • So I had a neat idea for a street cart that one could use like a wooden cart, and then "deploy" when you've reached your destination in order to sell goods, have it function the same as a store for buying or selling, but have it as a small cart that can be used to move goods. I think it's a nice idea for lower tech servers or folks that have bulk product to sell but don't want to put it all in a cart and then find a shop that's buying it. it makes it so you can make a shop and then bring it closer to high traffic areas, maybe even setup an impromptu market location where everyone brings their stalls and hawks their goods. as for game balance have it cost the same or a bit more than a wooden cart with the added need for a store on the materials. in every other way have it function the same as the cart. I just don't like that you have to build a room in order to setup a shop and especially if you're in the boonies it cuts out unnecessary steps and helps with the flow of the economy. as a possibility have it on a timer of up to 24 hours after being "deployed" it auto reverts to its cart state. that way permanent shops still have their uses and if you want to sell lots of goods or something it's better to make an actual building with the shops inside. thoughts or criticisms?

  • I like the idea, the other day I was thinking about making a "food Truck", bringing food to the quarries.
    Saves the people in the isolated quaries to run to town, and I can travel back and forth to my house, to fill up.

    offcourse it is all possible with a "Solid" small shop near the quarries and a cart going up and down to refill the shop.
    But that's way less impressive and fun :)

  • i like the idea... and since it will be mobile and smaller than a normal store, maybe just restrict it to sell fewer items, like make the limit you can only sell unique items 3 items rather than being able to take and sell 10 items like a normal store.

    I also like the idea of adding to the regular stores stocking shelves.... instead of holding the items in the store itself you could have modules you place in the store that hold and display the items being sold. the modules could link to the store much like the saw mill to the carpentry table, but would have storage for you to place items that you are selling in them. I think this would make the stores more functional, realistic and much more interesting to visit and see how they are laid out.

  • agree about the shelves, and combined with this idea:

    Makes it complete and we could play around with shops and displays more...