Camas shortage? I have a fix. Updated Information!

  • Farming is not a done deal or complete. Best ting to do is keep up the discussion of what you all are seeing as you play and from there the devs can tell if things are working as they expect - or not - and tweak/adjust/balance/fix what is not

  • So yesterday I again planted what was left; 24 seeds. I got 35 back, but have farming at +4 drop rate. So, out of 24 plants 9 returned something. This time I had kept one square free between plants in all directions. It said "max yield 1", I guess with Camas it's gambling in which you mostly lose.

    I dont have this problem with Corn, beets, beans and wheat.

  • Are you using the soil sampler to see what the growth rate and yield rate are.... I would be curious to know what they are on the Camas you are growing. fertilizers may be able to help quite a bit with that. For growth rate it looks as though Nitrogen will help the most and for yield it looks like Phosphorus would be best closely followed by Potassium, just remember you can over fertilize as well which will also drop those rates.

  • The faming is actually not broken or anything. If you dont get enough output, you are not in the right place. There is no need to leave space between the plants. You can work a farm with 20x20 fields which each plant and you should get the plant output out of each plant. The only problem is that you dont get enough seeds from most plants, so you need the farming skill for that plant.
    However some plants really need their desired moisture. Camas wont grow on land with more than 40% und fiddleheads are very hard to grow under 75% total moisture. The other plants seem much more flexible, but all work fine if you are in the right place.

  • Ya the only reason I still have some is because of my farm skill. Need to look into fertilizer also I guess. Thing with that is, that all the values shown, make it look like math, which seems like work to me. It would help when I check a plants status, it would show what it requires, instead of some values..

  • what is the yield rate where you are currently growing that is shown on the soil sampler ?

  • atm we dont have any full grown camas plants but the naturally growing there have a yield rate of 2.
    but i dont think thank all data in the soil sampler menu is reliable. For example i have some fern along a river, but with only 60% moisture. yield rate is 1. some give me a seed, some not but none of these give fiddleheads.
    Maybe the yield rate is not that accurate as is seems.

    Fertilizers are quite diffucult, and i do not understand them. Maybe someone can test out everything and write it all in the wiki...

  • I am talking about the overall yield rate not yield, in this below my yield rate is 32%. That is a very low yield rate but I am using this as an example

    Ideally I want to try to plant in an area where the Overall growth rate and overall yield rate are both over 60%..... I have tried keeping these plants growing here with fertilizer but honestly it takes like 12 hours to grow and usually I get a very reduced yield... if they were above 60% I could expect the grow time to be 4 hours or less and the projected max yield to be double. The only reason I was able to pass the projected max yield was through the use of fertilizers.

    I will be honest with you if this plant wasn't more just for fun I would never keep attempting to grow a plant where the growth and yield rates where below 60%. I would find a better area.

    I know farming can be difficult and you cant grow all the plants in the same area, it requires you to be spread out over multiple biomes to truly get a good return. I am hoping in the future they allow something like greenhouses where you can customize the environment to the plants so that we don't have to go half way around the world to grow camas and beans since they obviously wont grow anywhere near each other with any real success. But this is alpha and agriculture is still very new, in fact its one of the newest skill sets, and I expect that there will be a lot of changes to this over time.

  • @tomassonl you may want to try going to a more camas "friendly" area, projected max yield is what you want, till a plot, plant 1 camas bulb, use the soil tester, 2 or more is what you want and has worked swimmingly for me, usually it's in BFE away from forests on a higher elevation than most forests for cooler temperatures. so far planting different crops side by side hasn't yielded much positive or negative, just a few anecdotes that I still need to confirm. fertilizer hasn't yielded much one way or the other but it's also difficult to do as it's fairly cost intensive, the next few days I'll try to dive in more.

  • updated the original post to try to help folks looking for farming answers, important information on nutrients and letting fields "fallow" are in it.

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