[Idea topic] Environment technology / Less pollution / misc ideas

  • Hi there,
    So pollution, deforestation, killing wildlife are just some of the great threats to our lovely world, and something that needs planning for not to take a grave toll on, which obviously is what this game is about, however I think it would add another dimension to the game, to add technologies of different kinds to minimize the pollution from industry even more, as we see in real life.

    Mechanics like crafting filters to minimize the impact of co2 pollution from chimneys, plant algae as an alternative source for either food, eating co2, use weed for fiber, clothes, solar panels for power and yeah you get the idea.

    Also I would love simple features as being able to sit down in chairs etc, while this does nothing mechanically for the game, it does add to the entire roleplay aspect of it. Maybe even add beds and physical exhaustion besides calorie deficit. I am not trying to make it to a new minecraft, because it's not, but it would add to the realism of this simulation.

  • Definitely, there will be lots of tech branches that may be costly to develop but will reduce your environmental impact, so there's a tradeoff that should be challenging.
    Sitting would be good, especially in vehicles, and I'd like to add it. We're planning to do player housing as well, where you have reason to build your own personal room.

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