i need help installing the game please

  • hey i'm just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on how to install the game. Every time i download the windows 64 bit i click on the eco.exe and a message come up saying There should be 'Eco_Data' folder next to the executable. and i open that but i cant find what to click after that all help is appreciated.

  • I think you need to unzip the downloaded file befor you click on the eco.exe

  • Use something like winzip or 7zip to "unzip" the game and place it in a folder of your choice. If you still get that message when you go to run game (clicking on Eco.exe) then its possible that when you unzipped the package your antivirus saoftware has quarantined a file. You will need to check your AV history and see if it did, and have the software 'return' the file to your directory.

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