Alpha 5.6 Update

  • The team has been working hard on new features as we move towards releasing alpha 5.6. Just wanted to give an general update as to what to expect in 5.6

    Client Mods

    The client side of the modkit has been repaired and will see new re-release in 5.6. This will allow adding new items, objects, and blocks on the client side. The great thing about the modkit is it is server-specific and requires no additional downloading ahead of time by clients; simply connect to the server with the mods and they will send you all the additional content you need.

    Linked Inventories

    Perhaps one of the larger reworks of game systems is the reworked inventory system. No longer will every crafting station come with its own inventory; instead tables will be 'linked' automatically to storage objects within a certain distance, allowing configuration within the table of where you want the finished products to go. Large, bulky items such as soil, or tailings, now require a special storage space in the form of a stockpile, which requires significantly more space. Wheeling logs to market to sell your goods? Simply park your cart outside and more easily buy/sell from within the store, without ever having to drag items around or make multiple trips.

    Pipes, Wires, Logic Gates

    John and Craig have been working on adding new systems involving pipes, wires, and logic gates to the tech tree of Eco. This will allow for a whole new way to transport materials around your worlds.


    Sean has put a lot of work into getting the Excavator functional. This heavy-duty vehicle can hold and collect various blocks much more efficiently than using the shovel. Look for the initial version in 5.6

    Teacher/Admin Tools

    Marjie has been working a lot on the webserver API along with Jeff and the web team to improve the website. While this is primarily aimed at helping teachers interact and manage the educational side of Eco, regular server admins and operators can get a host of new information from the simulation and incorporate that however they wish.

    Less Bugs

    As we push towards beta, we've assigned 1 day every week exclusively for bug fixing, so expect to see lots more fixed bugs going forward. As a reminder, feel free to post any issues you see to our github bug list,

    Starting next week, staging builds of 5.6 will become more frequent, so you are always welcome to jump in and try some of these features out early. We anticipate 5.6 to be released within a month or so.

    Thanks for playing and supporting Eco!

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  • thanks

  • Sounds great!
    Is there any ETA on the update?

  • All aboard the hype train! CHOO CHOO!

  • Hype train ? Ohh no ( Noblackthunder digs out a hiding place in the ground)

  • Where can I find the new modkit for staging one? Will I need Dev-Tier?

  • No you don't need the Dev Tier. You can get the modkit, which has not been updated yet here:

  • Mod kit on the git us not up to date right now . have to check with eric

  • Will this update bring a server wipe?

  • SO far, from reports, people were not able to use there 5.5.4 games and run the update. There has been no migration tool provided at this point so it looks like you will need to do a world wipe. As for upgrading from 5.6 to a new 5.6 you should be able to use the same world - that said though there have been a couple of releases where the existing world has not worked due to a bug and people have had to wait for a updated release

  • hows the status of 5.6 coming along?

  • There was a post on FaceBook today saying that it maybe released around the 20th of this month. In the meantime 5.6 is out in staging and completed, all they will be doing between now and release is bug fixes.

  • FYI: I updated the Server "Die Oekies" sucessfully from 5.5.4 to 5.6#2363f661.

    It was for our save necessary to delete the law and economic data.
    Afterwords was it necessary to "rebuild" each room by removing and setting the doors. In our factory building with many rooms inside was is a bit tricky, but possible.
    Some animals are stucking now...easy to kill :P
    As next we try to figure out, how to remove the coal and other carrying objects from the storage chests.

    Overall seems a working world now :)

  • About pull range on storage/stockpile how far is it, and is it a sphere, or a width/length only?

  • When it will released, now ?

  • Anyone know when the 5.6 Release is out please ?

  • can nobody give a right answer?

  • The hq is in Seattle, right? It's UTC/GMT -7h... for Germany its -9h... think about it ;-)

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